Teacher Trainings

Larry Schultz used his creative expression to bring the Rocket Vinyasa Sequences to life out of the inspiration discovered from his daily practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Throughout the years, Larry refined and developed Rocket Vinyasa into what we see today through his own personal practice and by observing the students. Larry Schultz viewed all the students in a sense of role reversal where they became his teachers guiding him to understand what was best for each individual and every body. By allowing personal expression to be apart of the development in the individuals' practice, Larry effectively created a system that is alive! This system will continue to grow as the western world of science continues to merge with the eastern world of the spirit. All teachers who trained directly with Larry Schultz can and should teach what they learned from this great teacher. Students who have found inspiration in Larry's teachings should seek out students of Larry Schultz to catch a small piece of this gift he offered to all of us through Rocket Vinyasa Yoga.

Some of the first Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings were developed circa 2005, but Rocket Vinyasa Yoga was given its first breath of life through Larry Schultz association with the Grateful Dead over 15 years earlier in the 1990's. Band member Bob Weir named Schultz new form of yoga as "The Rocket". Bob Weir asked Larry what his style of yoga was called and Larry like most yogis had not given his practice a label....so.... "The Rocket" became the infamous name because Bob said; "It gets you there faster!"

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Rocket Vinyasa History

Ever since its birth back in the lab with the Grateful Dead, the Rocket has been building momentum and quick spreading to all the corners of the world. It has been met both with great admiration as well as disapproval. For many years Larry would only teach open led Rocket classes at his studio location 848 Folsom St. in the South of Market area or you could participate in mysore style Rocket classes with him at 7am. Rocket Vinyasa was given to all us us as a practice to keep us going and to even out the more traditional primary series practice. Over the years it was obvious that students were more interested and responded quickly to the Rocket Vinyasa Classes! Students who filled the rooms for Teacher Trainings in Primary series would find themselves in the middle of a Rocket Storm! A room filled with 70+ students and teachers from SF all comeing into get their daily dose of Rocket Vinyasa. All the teacher trainings were designed to develope Ashtanga Vinyasa teachers for beginners, but soon people started to ask and request more Rocket philosophy and teachings. The first Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training was developed by David Kyle and taught in Caracas, Venezuela circa 2005. Prior to this training there were no certifications offered specifically for Rocket Vinyasa. This was a pivitol moment for Rocket Vinyasa as it became a reality for people to learn these teachings outside the bubble of SF and become an internationally recongnized practice. Before David created the 5 day 50 hour format, the only way to learn Rocket Vinyasa was by moving to SF to recieve the knowledge by practicing for no less than 6 months to a year. Now what we see today is Rocket Vinyasa Trainings all over the world! (although many are not approved by the Rocket Collective*)

We have divided the training process into 4 stages for students who are interested in furthuring their education and teaching abilities in Rocket Vinyasa. Level 1 requires 100 hours of Certification. Level 2 requires 200 hours of certification and assistance. Level 3 requres a 500 hour RYT and over 300 hours of assistance in Rocket Trainings. Level 4 is currently only held by less than 10 people in the world and requires at least 10 years direct experience and dedication. We give a more detailed description of levels on our about page! Where will you be training!