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We would like to use this "about us" page to introduce you to all the wonderful and eclectic group of Rocket Yoga Teachers that has grown to become a world wide family! We will allow this page to grow as teachers contact us directly and offer us their bio and teaching philosophy. We hope soon you will be able to browse by country, state, or city. This is a process and is totally based on the teacher contacting us directly.

Below you will see a list of photos and bios of teachers who offer trainings in Rocket Vinyasa Yoga! We will establish a list of teachers who trained directly with Larry Schultz if they choose to be apart of the greater community. As the list grows students/teachers who do not have direct knowledge will be placed here to ensure a full list honoring all teachers who have devoted themselves to the practice. We are a growing family:) We suggest you only participate in teacher trainings with teachers who hold direct authorization from Larry Schultz, some of who will all be listed below. Just ask your teacher about where their experience comes from to teach this practice.

Level 4 teachers are allowed to offer certification courses in Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. Level 3 teachers are allowed to led Rocket Intensives, teach in conferences, and mentorship of new teachers. Level 2 teachers are allowed to participate as assitants in trainings and offer Mentorship to new students. Level 1 teachers are recongized as community leaders and may begin the mentorship process.

*** Complete list is coming soon! Teachers who have expressed collaberation will be added soon! Want to share your profile and trainings! write us:) yogidavidkyle@gmail.com***

David Kyle • Progressive Ashtanga Yoga

The BC and AC of It's Yoga lecture by Larry Schultz

Certified Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainers ~ Level 4

David Kyle "Baba Rocket" ~ Worldwide

David Kyle began studing with Larry Schultz in Miami, Flordia in 2001 after his teacher training with Reed Taylor. David was a direct assitant of Larry Schultz in teacher trainings and class substitutions. David is the only teacher certified at the 500 hour level through his original school It's Yoga San Francisco. All teachings from David are centered and focused on honoring Davids' interpretation of Larry's vision. David's home base is Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He also trains students and teachers through intensive programs. David travels and carries Larry's teachings around the world as a free agent for all who seek the experience of Rocket Vinyasa! You can visit David's personal page at http://www.progressiveashtangayoga.com

David Kyle • Progressive Ashtanga Yoga

Video of Baba Rocket on a Retreat in DR

Reed Taylor ~ Worldwilde

Reed Taylor is the creator of Method Yoga and one of the original creative influences on Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. He currently teaches Method Yoga, which incorporates Rocket Vinyasa Yoga technique. Reed has the most extensive video collection on Rocket Yoga Training and is the original author of the first Rocket Yoga Training Manual.
Method Yoga is designed for those interested yoga and fitness. Because we confined to this body how we move and train is essentially important to wellbeing and success. Any movement system that lacks key insight gained from the biological sciences and modern athletic training principles is outdated and omits key features necessary for students to excel in today's complex world. Method Yoga represents the current drive of Integral theory though movement and bodily training. Method Yoga is an inclusive system that dissolves the boundaries that isolate and separate various approaches that lead to fragmentation and division. Disunity occurs through recognizing differences and forgetting the implicit unity as well as key drivers. Thus Method Yoga offers the student a processes of development and transformation by uniting methodologies of old and new so one begins to experience true liberation, wholeness and actualization which is the definition and purpose of "yoga". www.methodyoga.com

Certified Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Mentors with 500+ Hours ~ Level 3

Tiago Rocha ~ Spain/Italy

Tiago Rocha was born in 1975 in Brazil from a family with a great artistic and spiritual background. From an early age, Tiago was in contact with many diverse forms of artistic expression. During his teenage years he started skateboarding and surfing, which brought him closer to nature and a more conscious and healthy lifestyle. Out of all the martial arts he practiced, Capoeira stands out as his great passion which lasted several years. The desire to deepen his body-mind skills took him to Galpão do Circo (a circus school in São Paulo-Brazil), where he undertook intensive training and also taught for years. In his quest for connection and awareness through the body he met Yoga, Traditional Thai Massage and Acrobatics. Enthusiastic, inventive and passionate about body movement through space and time, he is mostly found sharing his experience teaching Rocket Yoga masterclasses, workshops, retreats and immersions around Spain and Europe as well as AcroYoga.

With boundless gratitude, he takes inspiration from: his parents Marcos and Marilia; the freedom and joy of the AcroYoga from Jason Nemer Jenny Sauer-Klein; Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Metta teachers Dayalu Krishnataki (Sunshine School). Tiago currently has as major influence and inspiration of his work: David C. Kyle (Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Progressive Ashtanga Puerto Rico), Angelo Cecchi (Hatha Iyengar - Rishikesh), Eva Oller (Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Pattabhi Jois – Be Yoga Formentera) and Sebastián Arbondo (Ashtanga Yoga Osaka – Japan).

Yoga is a lifetime trip for Tiago. Metta, light flight! ॐ

Patrick McCleaf "China Cat Pat" ~ East Coast U.S.

Patrick has always been into movement. So much so that he decided to major in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland. When he put a hold on my passionate affair with Jiu Jitsu to finish his degree, he fell into a somewhat consistent practice taking yoga for college credit. Patrick found that the vinyasa, movement linked with the breath, brought him into those timeless states of clarity that he found in other athletics; soccer as a child, snowboarding as an adolescent, and Jiu Jitsu as a young adult. Patrick enrolled in yoga teacher training immediately after graduating college, thinking that he could supplement personal training with teaching a few yoga classes. He fell in love with the practice when it became firmly rooted and earnest. Returning to the mat day after day continues to create space for more loving awareness than he could ever have imaged. Patrick practices and teaches Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa in Washington, D.C. He has completed a 500-hour certification with Yoga District in Washington, D.C, and another 500-hour certification with Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico. Patrick is forever grateful to his partner and closest teacher, Sara “Bear” Gruss, a fellow Rocket and Dharma yoga teacher. "Endless love to my teachers Faith Scimecca, David Kyle, Jasmine Chehrazi, Aqeel Viveka OM, Marie Belle Perez Rivera and all others who have touched my life."

Pedro Luis Otero ~ South America

Durante los últimos 10 años Pedro Luis ha estado aplicando las técnicas del Yoga, especialmente el Rocket Vinyasa Yoga que le enseñó David Kyle, como método para alcanzar el éxito y la realización personal dentro de circunstancias de crisis aguda como la que vive Venezuela, su país. Comprobando en experiencia propia que la práctica de Yoga despierta el poder invisible de la voluntad y la fuerza del amor que permiten manifestar la felicidad plena, buena salud, el éxito y la paz interior, independientemente de las circunstancias del entorno. Enseña en sus clases, talleres y conferencias por todo su país y en otros países latino americanos con un especial interés en que los alumnos comprendan que la práctica de Yoga es para todos y sus beneficios nos conducen al amor y la felicidad plena, independientemente de las circunstancias.